Our client success stories

We’re delighted that we have been able to help so many people make the right career decisions and forge bright new futures.


Whether coping with unexpected redundancy, or taking their career onto the next level, we are proud to have worked with our individual clients to make sure everyone gets the best help available.


Perhaps reading some of our clients’ stories will inspire you to take your next step with newfuture.me. If so, we look forward to hearing from you soon.



Workshop Feedback

"A useful and practical course giving you the tools to improve your CV."

"Gave me a great insight into my opportunities in the job market."

"Excellent start to the job hunting process. Fiona and Claire will put you at ease and instil confidence in your abilities."

"Speaking from both a personal and professional perspective (as a former career guidance practitioner), I’d like to say how impressed I’ve been by the career transition support and training provided by newfuture.me. I was struck in the workshops by the way in which Claire and Fiona responded flexibly and made the content relevant to everyone although our backgrounds and the circumstances were different. They manage to combine being positive, offering new ideas and expanding horizons but at the same time encouraging participants to identify a ‘do-able’ plan of action."

"Having only attended one course and had one 1:1 session with Fiona Haynes, I felt a lot more confident about my approach to my job search and the skills and achievements that were appropriate for the positions I was applying for."

"Fiona and Claire were exceptionally supportive and sensitive to me being stressed and panicking when I arrived."

"Really worthwhile. Makes you rethink your past experiences and find the right words to describe them"