Returning Parents Coaching

Returning Parents Coaching

Edinburgh University Programme Support are delighted to provide support for

the Returning Parents Coaching Programme

Our service includes

How to apply

All employees who are returning to work from Maternity Leave, Shared Parental Leave, Adoption/Surrogacy Leave now are eligible to apply.


To download an application form log in to your "EASE" account and a colleague from HR will get in touch with you to action the referral.

​The programme offers coaching sessions with a dedicated, expert career consultant. These are arranged for before and after your return to work and consist of:

  • An initial set up call with focused pre work held 6-8 weeks before your return

  • A two hour 1:1 coaching session approximately 4 weeks before your return

  • A follow up two hour 1:1 coaching session held 4 to 6 weeks after your return


In addition we offer:

  • On line activities and personal support to assist your transition

  • Face to face meetings, video or telephone calls with your consultant

  • Working together to progress each stage of your programme

  • Help to establish a workable action plan that meets your needs


This service is provided at no cost to you as an individual.

Need More Information?

Click below to visit the University's Returning Parents Coaching page and learn more about the programme.

  • Return to work review- priorities that matter

  • Preparing for and navigating change successfully

  • Confidence building and rebuilding strategies

  • Practical tools and techniques to smooth your transition back

  • Assertiveness and time management

  • Setting realistic mutual expectations

  • Rebuilding and creating useful networks

  • Revisiting work/life boundaries

  • Action Planning and resource signposting

No matter your background and the stage you are at in your career within the University we have the knowledge and experience to help support your return back to work.

How we work with you