Launching A Sparkling New Career

Launching A Sparkling New Career

Let Simmons Bridgman Associates point you in the right direction

Joining the workplace for the first time or re-joining after a break?


We can help you find the right career path and ensure you are fully equipped to achieve your goals.

Returning To The Workplace

Graduates And First Careers

If you have had a gap in your working life, whether planned or unplanned, we have extensive experience of re-launching careers. We will ensure you have the confidence in your ability to choose and secure the right path for you. Your consultant:


  • Understands the challenges you face

  • Gives an independent assessment of your transferable skills

  • Uses their extensive knowledge of the market to highlight new opportunities you haven’t even thought of yet!

  • Helps you present yourself superbly to a potential employer

  • Works with you to map out and launch your job search strategy

  • Equips you to secure your new path by getting ahead of the competition with a great CV and superb interview technique

Finished your education and not sure what comes next?

We appreciate you can access loads of information online, but working with a personal career consultant gives you the confidence to make the right move. It will also propel you on to the career ladder by giving you the edge over the competition.


Build your future with the right job, not simply any job

Don’t settle for less than you deserve. By helping you make the right choice now, we can make a huge impact on your career future.


We’ll help you take those first steps

From making realistic choices, to pulling together a great CV, getting on the shortlist or succeeding at interview / assessment centres - whatever help you need, our consultants are here to support you every step of the way.