At A Career Crossroads?

At A Career Crossroads?

We'll guide you to a brighter future

Discover new opportunities in Scotland with our specialist career advice and support

Whether you are looking for promotion, coping with redundancy, returning to work, or you’re looking for a complete change of direction, we can help.

Personal career coaching

Relocating to Scotland

We offer a comprehensive, tailored approach to solve your unique career dilemma: whether it’s getting promoted, coping with redundancy, returning to work, or a complete change of direction – we can help!

Whatever your background, profession, or the stage you are at in your career, we have the knowledge and experience to help smoothly navigate your career move to Scotland

Launching and relaunching careers

Whether you are just starting out in your career, or you are returning after a break, our experienced consultants we will help you identify the right route for you and ensure you are fully equipped to achieve your goals

Thinking of becoming our next client?

If you are ready to launch your exciting new future and to benefit from one of our career transition programmes, becoming the newest member of our growing client base is a step in the right direction.

What makes Simmons Bridgman Associates different?

In short, it’s our ability to develop and deliver innovative and highly effective career management programmes, based on our extensive experience and expertise. Our support is practical, yet designed to inspire, which will help you succeed in achieving your career potential. We are delighted when you achieve success and we’re dedicated to making that happen.