Increasing Successful Appointments

Increasing Successful Appointments

We can help you stand out from the competition

Give your organisation the advantage with our pioneering career relocation package

Support every step of the way

Our innovative career relocation service will give you the edge when it comes to successfully relocating a strategic hire to your business. Persuading a prospective employee to commit to relocation is tough when they have a partner and family to consider. So give yourself the advantage by utilising our career relocation package specifically tailored for the partners of new hires.


A happy partner and family have a major positive impact on your employee’s ability to settle swiftly and productively into a job, and can help to make you an employer of choice.

Whether your new recruit and their family are moving 200 miles or 2,000, and no matter what their background, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver a superb career relocation experience.


Either prior to their arrival, or once they get here, we’ll work with your new employee’s partner to understand what help they really need. We’ll scope out an individual programme, tailored to your budget and make sure that they feel supported every step of the way to their exciting new future.

"Everything I accomplished so far, specifically having received such good feedback, would have not been possible without all the work you did with me, not only on improving the acknowledgement of my own skills and strengths but also on "tuning" me to approach the Scottish job market. Everything I learned with you became added value in order to …find a job in Edinburgh. Furthermore all the informal/personal support you gave me has been and is being incredibly helpful.”

MT, Business Manager (Portugal)