University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh

Partner career transition programme

Simmons Bridgman Associates are delighted to be assisting the University of Edinburgh in providing career relocation support to the partners of incoming eligible employees.

Our service includes

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"Claire exceeded my expectations. She absolutely knows everything in her field, is extremely well prepared, and easy to work with. She has a welcoming personality and makes you feel at ease, which is exactly what one needs when writing job applications"


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  • Understanding the Scottish job market

  • Honing interview technique

  • Coping with cultural differences

  • Defining realistic options

  • Exploring self-employment

  • Volunteering in Scotland

  • Qualification transfers

  • Planning your job search

  • Accessing the hidden job market

  • Maximising your transferable skill set

  • Practical support with CVs, applications and documentation


No matter your background and profession and the stage you are at in your career, we have the knowledge and experience to help manage your career move.

Prior to your arrival in Scotland:

  • Video call to establish your needs and agree your programme

  • On line activities and personal support to prepare your move


On arrival in Scotland:

  • Video meeting(s) and telephone calls with your consultant and face to face meetings when restrictions allow

  • Working together to progress each stage of your programme

  • Introductions to key contacts

  • Helping to establish your new network

  • Intensive preparation for interviews


We work at a flexible pace that suits you and your circumstances and you will work with a dedicated consultant throughout.

How we work with you