Career Management Support

Career Management Support

Transforming challenges into opportunities

Transitions are smoother, and futures are brighter in our hands.

Career Management can be challenging. Attracting new staff, redeployment or exit strategies tax the resourcefulness of all businesses.


Thankfully, our tailored Career Management Support services can offer effective and practical solutions that lead both you and your staff to more promising futures. Our career transition workshops are proven to work and with measurable outcomes. 98% of staff who attended these previously, rated them ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’.

Career transition

Reducing staff numbers from the business is often complex and stressful for all. It needs to be carried our sensitively so all parties emerge with a postive outcome.


Our Career Transition Service is designed to ease the transition of staff from your company to their new future. Working to your brief, we will tailor a range of solutions from CV-writing to full career workshops. These personalised packages cover topics like coping with change, confidence-building and identification of transferrable skills.


The service also demonstrates your commitment to fulfilling your duty of care and corporate social responsibility.


Our solutions will speed acceptance and resolution, reducing the need for extended HR, managerial and legal resources.

The promote yourself programme

This innovative programme is designed to coach staff in how to successfully move around your organisation. We cover realistic self-selection, application theory and interview technique, followed up by mock interviews that put into practice these newly-learned skills.


The programme enables employers to successful retain valuable talent and helps staff promote themselves internally.

Reintegrating returners

Returning to work after an extended absence can be stressful for all parties. Support is key at every stage of the transition. Our specialised expertise helps deliver a more rapid re-integration into the business and can boost confidence and performance.

Encouraging VR uptake

The key to successful voluntary redundancy is dispelling the myths and supporting staff to manage their career change positively. Our impartial and discreet approach to explaining the benefits to staff of making proactive career choices, leads to improved success rates.

*2014 statistics